907.6 kW/DC Ground Mount & Carport

Santa Ana Hotel & Casino

Santa Ana Hotel & Casino
About the project

Nominated for a Commercial Development Association Eagle Award in 2020, the array at Santa Ana Star Hotel and Casino proves that solar can be mindfully engineered while minimally affecting the land. The project maximizes the solar potential of the client’s real estate using a combination of solutions. The array was built in two phases with existing carports retrofitted with solar in phase one and 2 new ground mount arrays on 29 rows of PV trackers in phase two.

Project Summary

Projected Completed: 2020
Annual Production: 1,888 MWh
Type:Ground Mount & Carport


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Solar PV System
  • 907 kW/DC
  • 2,420 – 375 Watt Solar Modules 
  • 10 -Solectria PVI60TL Inverters 
Storage System Capacity
  • 683.3 MWh a year
  • 53.2 MWh a month
  • 13.3 MWh a week
  • Array Technologies Single Axis PV
  • Tracker – Azimuth 90°
  • Preexisting Carport Structure
  • Azimuth- 220° & 5° Fixed Tilt
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