Pino Yards

PIno Yards, City of Albuquerque
About the project

OE Solar partnered with the City of Albuquerque on their NCREB Funded Solar Energy Projects to help the City reach its 25% renewable energy goal by 2025. Pino Yards has a rooftop system at a 5-degree tilt facing 180 degrees due south using Sollega racking. This racking is manufactured in the USA and is lightweight, and takes less CO2 emissions to ship the product due to its unique stacking capabilities.

Project Summary

Projected Completed: 2019
Annual Production: 777.8 MWh/DC
Type: Ballasted Roof Mount


Solar PV System
  • 349.8 kW/DC
  • 933 – 377 Watt Modules
  • 6 Solectria Inverters
Average Solar Production
  • 727.8 MWh a year
  • 60.6 MWh a month
  • 15 MWh a week
  • Sollega FR510 Fixed Tilt Racking
  • Azimuth- 180°
  • Shading- 0%
OE Solar Commercial and Government Solar EPC