1.2 MW/DC Solar Farm

Picuris Pueblo

Picuris Pueblo
About the project

OE Solar worked with Northern Pueblo Housing to comprehend their vision of a large utility-scale solar farm that could offset the Picuris
Pueblo’s energy consumption. OE Solar took on the Developer & EPC role to ensure that the solar farm was built and commissioned within an
aggressive timeline. OE Solar worked with the Pueblo to set up an Indian preference standard and hire local workers for the project to get more Pueblo members involved and trained in the construction. OE Solar provided the complete design services for this 1.25 MW/DC solar farm. The project consisted of two phases: phase one entailed securing funding and developing the design and engineering of the electrical system layout per NEC/State and Local utility requirements. The second phase comprised civil site work, including surveying land plots, generating SWIPP Plan, excavating, and grubbing the land. Procurement and construction worked in conjunction with one another; to bring this project to timely completion. OE Solar developed a field of ponderosa pines to a field of over 3,700 solar modules in less than seven months for Northern Pueblo Housing Authority that was interconnected with the local electric utility company on schedule and within budget.

Project Summary

Projected Completed: 2017
Annual Production: 2720 MW/AC
Type: Solar Farm


Solar PV System
  • 1.2 MW/DC
  • 3718-340 Watt Tier One Modules
  • 1 GE Central Inverter 1500V
Storage System Capacity
  • 2720 MW/AC a year
  • 223.4 WW/AC a month
  • 52.2 MW/AC a week
  • AZIMUTH -180
  • SHADING -0%
OE Solar Commercial and Government Solar EPC