Manzano High School Athletics Complex

Manzano High School Complex
Solar Installations

Awarded AGC’s New Mexico Best Building 2019, Manzano High School Complex was one of OE Solar’s recent solar installations. OE Solar installed a 184.6 kW/DC Solar Photovoltaic system at the newly built Manzano High School Athletics Complex in Albuquerque NM. OE Solar worked with the electrical contractors, general contractor and owners to insure a successful install if 568 solar modules, with 338 Unirac RM10 ballast bays were installed in 12 days. Permitting went through the Construction Industries Division and Interconnection was coordinated with PNM and the general contractor.


    Albuquerque Public Schools


    Solar Installation



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    184.6 kW/DC Ballasted Roof Mount

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