243 kW/DC Purlin and Bandstand

Civic Plaza, City of Albuquerque

Civic Plaza
About the project

OE Solar partnered with the City of Albuquerque to install PV solar on the main community square in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. This project consists of two shade and energy-producing purlins as well as the conversion of a large bandstand. This is a unique limited backfeed project intended to serve multiple city-owned facilities. Mindfulness of surrounding private and government buildings was required as well as strategic scheduling to avoid obstructing traffic on frequented narrow streets surrounding the location.

Project Summary

Projected Completed: 2019
Annual Production: 495.4 MWh
Type: Purlin and Bandstand


Solar PV System
  • 243 kW/DC
  • 648 – 375 Watt Trina TSM-DE14A Modules
  • 7 Solectria Inverters
Average Solar Production
  • 495.4 MWh AC a year
  • 41.3 MWh AC a month
  • 10.3 MWh AC a week
  • Custom retrofits for existing infrastructure.
  • Egauge Monitoring
  • Shading- 0%
OE Solar Commercial and Government Solar EPC