Cadell Undisclosed Federal Project

This is a federal project in an undisclosed location in Albuquerque, NM. Our team is held to follow a jurisdiction not to give any details on the location or name of the location of property other than the property is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This project adds to the list of government jobs that our team has done throughout the state of New Mexico to help offset costs and meet renewable energy costs.

Built-in two sectors, the ballasted roof mount panel system contains 200 – 345 watt panels and a solar transparent PV glass rooftop atrium. This custom-built system is designed for max production of energy using cutting edge design and advanced solar technologies that move the needle forward for New Mexico’s solar market. From sleek design to transparent glass solar, this project moves the PV market in an innovative direction.

These systems combine to produce an energy production of 73 megawatts per year. The transparent PV glass atrium is custom-designed to be opaque from an outside view to allow privacy for the vicinity. The roof mount portions of this design utilize the space of the large rooftop. Together, this system is a symbolic reminder of New Mexico’s advanced PV capabilities while provided for federal employees through innovative efficiency. 

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  • Category:

    Ballasted Roof Mount & Transparent PV Glass Rooftop Atrium

  • Project:


  • Info:

    727.8 MWH/Year

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