209.46 kW/DC Ballast Roof Mount

Caddell Undisclosed Federal Project

Caddell Undisclosed Federal Project
About the project

OE Solar installed a 209.46 kW/DC Ballasted Roof Mount Solar Photovoltaic System in conjunction with Caddell Construction Co. Undisclosed Federal Project, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. OE Solar worked alongside solar professionals to construct a custom-designed Photovoltaic Glass Atrium to maximize the production of solar arrays the Sun produces. The solar array systems and the Atrium were completed in 2 months to help the organization fast start overhead cost savings.

Project Summary

Projected Completed: 2020
Annual Production: 35,779 MWh
Type: Ballast Roof Mount & PV Glass Atrium


Solar PV System
  • 209.46 kW
  • 584 – 435 Watt Solar Modules
  • 4 – 200 kW SMA Tripower
Storage System Capacity
  • 35,779 MWh a year
  • 2,981.58 MWh a month
  • 688.1 MWh a week
  • Azimuth – 108°
  • Shading – 0%
  • Fixed Tilt – 10°
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