850 kw/ DC Solar PV System & 2884 Kw/h battery energy storage system

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School
About the project

OE Solar has been contracted to install the largest solar installation amongst all schools in the Albuquerque area and the state’s most extensive battery storage system. The clean energy systems includes 2,208 Tier-1 panels that will produce 850 kW and a Tesla Megapack 2 with a peak shaving capacity of 2,887 KWh. The clean energy systems are estimated to save the school $3.5 million over 25 years on the electricity bill.

Project Summary

Projected Completed: 2022
Annual Production: 1.3 GW
Type: Energy Storage System & Ballasted Roof Mount


Solar PV System
  • 850 kw/DC
  • 2,208 – 385 REC Modules
  • 16 SMA Tripower Inverters
Storage System Capacity
  • 2,887 MWh a year
  • 300-500 kw daily
  • Capable of providing maximum power for 4 hours
  • Unirac RM10 Ballasted
  • Shading- 0%
OE Solar Commercial and Government Solar EPC