Atrisco Heritage Academy

Albuquerque Public Schools Largest Energy Storage + Solar Project

OE Solar is installing Albuquerque Public Schools largest solar and storage installation at Atrisco Heritage Academy. This solar project is the first amongst all Albuquerque Public Schools to contain an energy storage system of its size. The primary goal is to help Atrisco Heritage Academy to reduce high-demand charges during peak energy hours. By accomplishing this goal, the school can reallocate $3.5 million towards infrastructure upgrades, new jobs, and high educational student programs.

The Photovoltaic system will contain 2,208 solar modules that have can create a maximum DC capacity of 850 Kilo-Watts. This clean energy system will be supported by 16 inverters.

The energy storage system will be the largest storage in the state that can deploy up to 2,887 KW per hour at a rated maximum output of 4 hours. The storage will contain 16 battery units.


From Left: Charles Hanley, Sr Manager Grid Modifications & Renewables at Sandia Laboratories; Scott Edler, Super Intendent at APS; Galina Kofchock, CFO at OE Solar; Yolanda Montoya-Cordova, Board of Education Dist 1 at APS; Dan Borneo, Sandia National Laboratories; Babu Chalamala, Manager Energy Storage Technology & Systems at Sandia National Laboratories; Mike Blaha, Director of Operations at OE Solar; Irene Cisneros, Principal at Atrisco Heritage Academy.

On October 25th, 2021, OE Solar and all other entities involved with this project held a Groundbreaking event. The event showcased the benefits of how the two clean energy systems will affect the school while also setting a standard for future generations by including students from both of the Atrisco Heritage Mariachi Herenachi group and the Atrisco Heritage Marching Band.

To learn more information about Albuquerque’s largest solar+storage project and the partners involved, the system highlights, financial information, and completion date:

Download the fact sheet.

Download the press release.

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    Albuquerque Public Schools

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    Solar + Storage Installation

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    2,208 Solar Modules

    Ballasted Roof Mount

    Tesla Megapack 2

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For information on this project, you can reach out to info@osceolaenergy.com or Kimberli Roth, Director of Business Devlopment at kimberlir@osceolaenergy.com.

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