Atrisco Heritage Academy

Atrisco Heritage High School
Energy Storage and Solar Project
Atrisco Heritage Academy High School

OE Solar installed Albuquerque Public Schools’ largest solar and storage installation at Atrisco Heritage Academy. This solar project is the first amongst all Albuquerque Public Schools to contain an energy storage system of its size. 

The primary goal is to help Atrisco Heritage Academy reduce high-demand charges during peak energy hours. By accomplishing this goal, the school will be able to reallocate $3.5 million towards infrastructure upgrades, new jobs, and high educational student programs.

  • The Photovoltaic system contains 2,208 solar modules that can create a maximum DC capacity of 850 Kilo-Watts. 16 inverters support this clean energy system.
  • The storage contains 16 battery units. The energy storage system is the most extensive storage in the state that can deploy up to 2,887 KW per hour at a rated maximum output of 4 hours. The storage contains 16 battery units.
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    Albuquerque Public Schools

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    Solar + Storage Installation

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    2,208 Solar Modules

    Ballasted Roof Mount

    Tesla Megapack 2

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