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OE Solar is a locally owned EPC contractor with experience in a wide range of commercial, government, and residential installations.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services for renewable energy construction projects including solar PV, energy storage systems, system monitoring, and energy efficiency.

Customers have peace of mind communicating with our fully-integrated team and our attention to cyber security practices.


1300 1st Street Albuquerque, NM 87102




OE Solar is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction & Development contractor operating out of
Albuquerque New Mexico. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services for small and large sustainable green construction projects including solar PV, energy storage systems, and energy efficiency. OE Solar hosts a robust portfolio of clean energy services from system design, construction, testing, training, and routine O&M. OE Solar has a comprehensive commercial and government solar management team with more than 100 years of combined experience.


Project Types

  • Roof & Ground Mounted PV Arrays
  • Solar Tracking Systems
  • Solar Shade Structures/Carports
  • Feasility Studies
  • Vehcile Chraging Stations
  • Energy Storage System

Project Design

  • Site Layout
  • Equipment Selection
  • Geotech Design
  • Roof Loading Calculations
  • Electrcial Design
  • Energy Storage Optimization


  • Permitting & Interconnection
  • Mobilization
  • Traffic Controls
  • Site Safety Plan
  • Mechanical Install
  • Electrical Install
  • Commissioning
  • Inspections

Operations & Maintenance

  • Remote System Performance Monitoring
  • Reactive Service Contracts
  • Routine System Inspection and Cleaning

Our team’s proven commitment and depth of
experience will give you peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of your solar installation. With a capacity to perform complex solar PV installations and energy storage systems our client base includes Schools, Pueblos, Municipalities, Federal Agencies, Commercial
buildings, and hundreds of New Mexico Residences. We are a registered General Contractor and work as a subcontractor in large-scale construction projects. Our projects save your cash flow, reduce overhead costs, aid in meeting renewable energy goals, and benefit communities. We will put the sun to work for you!

Serving Governments & Businesses Across New Mexico

Our Highlighted Projects

Cadell Undisclosed Federal Project

Picuris Pueblo

Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel





    OE Solar Residential, Commercial, and Government Solar EPC
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