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Though solar energy has established itself as a reliable and efficient source of power for any home, many people still have questions about how it works. Osceola Energy CEO Galina Kofchock spoke with New Mexico Living about the most common concerns for residential solar energy.
Every solar energy system is customized to the unique needs of your home. This depends on how many people live in your home, its size, and your average power use. By referencing electric bills, Osceola Energy can design the best solar energy system for you. Our comprehensive process typically involves a structural engineer, who will assess how and where to install the solar panels for optimal exposure and safety. The type of system installed can vary as well.
While most people living in the city do not have the option for a ground mounted system, a great alternative to ground mounting is solar carports. Solar carports not only protect your vehicle, but they use otherwise wasted space without affecting your home’s roof.
As for the financial advantages of solar, there is no sales tax for solar energy, which gives you immediate savings of 7% in New Mexico. Federal tax credits of 30% are also available for solar power users with a lifetime of 10 years. On top of tax incentives, solar energy is extremely efficient and cost-effective. Your residential solar energy system will pay itself off over time.
The cost of a solar energy systems averages at around $20,000, though this is dependent on the size of the project and your unique power needs. Osceola Energy proudly works with US Eagle and Nusenda Credit Union to offer zero down, low interest options that can extend as long as 15 years.
Have more questions? Call us at 505-850-8863 to learn more and start going solar!

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