Operations & Maintenance

OE Solar specializes in residential and commercial Solar Operations & Maintenance.

It is important to learn about system maintenance when considering solar for your commercial business or your home. Modern solar panels are very durable, often lasting more than twenty years. Maintenance is relatively minimal if done regularly, but consistency is the key.


We are dedicated. Set it and forget it packages


Up-to-date warranty & owner records


Clean healthy arrays give the best return

Solar Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) packages

We created our Solar Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) packages for today’s business needs. When building our extensive portfolio of commercial and government projects, we have learned a lot about what businesses need most.

We provide streamlined packages to cover all of your needs for years at a time so that you can get on with business.

  • Certified and Qualified Solar Professionals
  • Reliable Service and Quality Work
  • Maximum Solar Output
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