Solar Inspections

OE Solar Specializes in Residential and Commercial Solar Inspections.

OE Solar has conducted more than 1,000 detailed inspections of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across New Mexico to ensure the secure and efficient operation of PV systems installed on and around homes and businesses. 

Comprehensive and professional solar inspection of PV systems.

All of our solar inspectors are trained electricians with hands-on experience and the best tools available to conduct solar inspections safely and efficiently.

Onsite training

Our solar inspectors will also provide onsite training about your PV solar system to feel confident and better understand your solar system requirements, performance, and safety measures.

What to Expect from OE Solar PV Solar Inspection

When planning an inspection, we provide:

  • Date and the time your inspection starts.
  • Approximate inspection length - typically 60-90 minutes for a residential PV inspection; for commercial depends on the system size.
  • Overview of items and areas the inspector is likely to look at: solar modules, the PV system electrical components, the main electrical panel, and the route taken by conduit and inverters.

The inspector may need to shut down your system for a short time to safely complete parts of the inspection but will always seek to minimize any possible downtime.

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