Community Solar

A community-based solar project allows businesses, municipalities, organizations, and residents to purchase shares in a renewable energy facility to offset their monthly energy consumption.

Community solar allows for equal access to solar energy generation’s economic and environmental benefits without putting solar modules on the roofs.

Who Can Benefit from Community Solar?
  • You do not directly control the shared property
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Your roof would require significant investment before a PV system could be installed.
  • Your roof is oriented so that it cannot receive adequate sunlight.

The Community Solar program allows for the development of community solar facilities and provides consumers with the opportunity of accessing solar energy produced by a community solar facility;

Community Solar facility is a solar farm that generates electricity using a solar photovoltaic device;

Subscribers to the Community Solar facility receive a bill credit for the electricity generated in proportion to the subscriber’s share of the facility’s kilowatt-hour output;

Subscribing Organization owns or operates the solar facility.

Case Studies

Civic Plaza

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Picuris Pueblo

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Cadell Undisclosed Federal Project

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