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OE Solar installed the First Community Solar Project in the State of New Mexico for the Picuris Pueblo.  OE Solar offers the Development and EPC experience for the New Community Solar Program here in New Mexico. A community-based solar project allows businesses, municipalities, organizations, and residents to purchase shares in a renewable energy facility to offset their monthly energy consumption. Community solar allows for equal access to solar energy generation’s economic and environmental benefits without putting solar modules on the roofs.

Questions about Community Solar

Q: How will community solar reduce my bill?

A: By subscribing to a community solar project, you help clean up the power grid and save money on your electric bills, too. Annual savings on your electricity cost could be between 5%-15% depending on the project, where you live, and your average energy usage.

Q: Where will Community Solar Farms be located?

A: This depends on where the IOU (Investor-Owned Utility) chooses to have it located.

Q: What if I don’t use all the energy from my panel for the month? Will that available energy transfer into next month, kind of like rollover minutes? What if I use more energy than anticipated?

A: Regardless of how much power you use, the energy bill is based off current usage. This is very similar to solar installation for your home; If you use more than the allotted threshold, than you may see a small bill. Bill is based off of current usage. If you need more power, power can be bought or borrowed from other utilities. These terms & conditions are still being outlined, clarified and determined through the current community solar RFP.

Q: Who can benefit from community solar?

A: Anyone with an electric utility bill in an investor-owned utility service area. The investor-owned utility is PNM, EPE & Xcel.

Q: Who would benefit from community solar?

    • Apartment or shared living space with shared utilities
    • Homes or businesses with lots of shade
    • Structurally inadequate buildings interested in solar installation
    • Taxable liability to benefit from community solar tax credits
    • PV Maintenance-free solar benefits
Community solar project civic-plaza-albuquerque

OE Solar is the First EPC to Install a Community Solar Farm in New Mexico

Community solar project civic-plaza-albuquerque

Civic Plaza

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Picuris Pueblo

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