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Solar Inspections 101

At OE Solar we specialize in residential and commercial solar inspections.

Thinking of buying a solar powered home? There are so many advantages to having one, especially the savings on your utility bills and the reduction of your carbon footprint.

But how do you get a solar electrical inspection? What does it involve? How do you know the solar panels are working efficiently? Are they well positioned on the roof?Was the system installed properly? Is the roof in good condition and able to continue supporting the solar panels for years to come?

Peace Of Mind ,Thats the OE Solar guarantee

Don’t stress were here to help you every step of the way.

Our inspection looks at the condition of the solar panels themselves and tests them to make sure they are working properly, safely, efficiently.

Our qualified solar inspectors will examine the condition of the roof supporting the solar panels. We examine all factors we look and see if trees, chimneys or roof vents may be blocking any panels and we check on how well positioned the panels are for catching the direct sunlight. OE Solars full service inspection will even look to see if there are enough solar panels on the home for your needs and expectations.

Our Services

We are experts in commercial and residential New Mexico solar services.
Going solar in New Mexico means providing clean, efficient and cost effective power to your home or business.
The professional team at OE Solar will create a beautiful turnkey solar system for you,
taking care of every step throughout the process: planning, permitting, installing and maintaining your system.


Maximize your solar system with OE Solar’s panel cleaning system.
Cleaning your solar system can increase solar production by as much as 20%.
Contact us today to get started and maximize your solar power output.
We offer various service plans.


OE Solar can repair existing PV systems and provide scheduled maintain services.
OE Solar also offers solar panel maintenance agreements for your solar electric systems,
both on and off grid! A solar panel maintenance agreement is a great way to have
your system looked over once a year to prevent costly repairs.


Buying a new home with solar?
OE Solar can preform a new home solar inspection ensuring
efficient operation and compliant with local NEC and AHJ codes.
Don’t get flagged we will make sure you are safe.


OE Solar is a licensed, bonded and insured Albuquerque, New Mexico electrical contracting company.
We provide our customers with the highest quality Licensed Albuquerque Electrician
services possible within the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area- guaranteeing
a rapid response to every electrical repair or additional electric provisions.


Did you just buy a new Tesla?
Whether you’ve just purchased your new electric car or plan on getting one soon,
OE Solar & can help get your electric vehicle charging station installed and
soon you’ll be saying “goodbye gas station, hello home EV charging”.

Locally Sourced Solar, Affordable Pricing

New Mexico has mandated 50% of Renewable Energy by 2030

Residential solar panel installation is becoming far more popular in New Mexico as electricity rates rise each year, the cost of residential solar power systems fall, and while the federal 26% solar tax credit and net metering (or similar legislation) remain. 2023 is the last year for the 26% Solar tax credit, don’t miss out. Contact us today to get a free quote and start saving.

OE Solar Residential, Commercial, and Government Solar EPC
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