260 kW/ DC Solar Carport
Santa Anna Golf Club

Santa Ana Golf Club is a premier golfing destination, so it was important for the solar carport design to incorporate design features that matched the current structures onsite.

  • The steel corbels were added as a design feature to match the corbels on the clubhouse building.
  • Fused Glass Emblems were also hand-made for the project to install on the ends of the structure. During the day the glass pieces shimmer in the sunlight and at night they are backlit for added ambiance.
  • LED lights were also installed under the structures to help make their customers feel safe and secure at night under what otherwise would be a dark structure.

Completed: Nov 2016
Annual Production: 589.3 MW/AC
Type: Solar Carport


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Solar PV System
  • 260 kW/DC
  • 834-300 Watt Canadian Solar Tier One Modules
  • 22-SMA Tri-Power Tier One Inverters
  • Custom Steel Fixed Tilt Carport Structure
  • Azimuth- 220
  • Shading – 0%
  • Fixed Tilt – 10 Degree
Average Solar Production

Average Solar Production:

  • 589.3 MW/AC a year
  • 48.4 MW/AC a month
  • 11.3 MW/AC a week
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