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Real vs Fake Christmas Tree

For the environmentally conscious

Every year when having family over for Christmas they give me a hard time for our choice to cut a real tree instead of investing in an artificial Christmas tree. It’s become the Great Christmas Debate – Which is better for the environment? A fake tree or a real tree? According to an environmental consulting firm in Montreal Canada a fake or artificial tree would have to be reused for more than 20 years to be greener that buying a real /fresh cut tree. This study took into account greenhouse gasses, the use of resources and health impacts. Overall the study found that the environmental impacts of a real Christmas tree are quite small. When you take into account that the cut trees you see at the stores have been raised for just this purpose.
When you also take into account the materials used to make a fake Christmas tree and the location of where the tree is manufactured and the shipping that is involved from China, the environmental impacts of the artificial tree are large. So when you are sitting around the Christmas tree this year now you know the answer to the great Christmas tree debate. Be environmentally smart this holiday season and buy a cut tree, or go to a tree farm, or even buy a tree you can plant later. We hope you have a very green Christmas from Osceola Energy.

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/18/business/energy-environment/18tree.html written by John Rudolf Dec 17th 2010
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