PV System Removal & Replacement

Solar panel removal green energy Albuquerque
Hassle Free Solar Removal

Learn why roofers and realtors trust OE Solar for their PV system removal and replacement services.

Get a rapid response on your solar removal and replacement. OE Solar is a licensed, bonded and insured Albuquerque, New Mexico electrical contracting company serving our customers the highest electrical standards and top-rated customer service. We remove solar panels to expose your roof and if needed we’ll replace them where they were before on your new roof.

We keep it simple to save you time!

Insurance Policy Experts

Are you removing solar panels due to leaks or hail damage? Your insurance will likely cover the cost of our solar removal and replacement services.

We work around the clock to ensure you pay the lowest possible prices. OE solar is an experienced electrical and solar service with a team of in-house policy experts.  There are many reasons your insurance will cover the cost of securing your solar investments. We make sure you are receiving your full entitlements and coverage for your solar removal and replacement.

Solar Panel Removal Renewable Green Energy Albuquerque
Free Consultation

Get a quote in your hands within 48 hours.

We understand that when you are dealing with new roofs or damaged ones, timing is everything. We keep materials onsite so we can get the job done quickly! Get our 1 year service guarantee regardless of who originally installed your system. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer your pv removal and replacement questions.

You can book online or call us directly (505)850-8863

Get Your Panels Cleaned

Cleaning your PV system can increase solar production by as much as 20%. Contact us today to get started on saving more with your solar power investments.
We offer various service plans.

Add Battery Back Up Storage

Get 24/7 solar and gain your energy independence. Back up batteries keep you running on affordable renewable solar energy even when it’s cloudy or dark.

Set Up Routine Maintenance

Prevent costly repairs down the road and extend the health and life of your investment. OE Solar can provide scheduled routine maintenance services for your solar electric systems both on and off grid!

OE Solar Residential, Commercial, and Government Solar EPC
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