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New Mexico Senate Bill SB391 – What is it about?

New Mexico Senate Bill SB391, the bill to extend the residential, commercial, and agricultural tax credit for solar installations in New Mexico has passed the Senate with overwhelming majority. The ten percent tax credit for a solar installation was set to expire at the end of 2016. This bill changes the expiration date to December 31, 2020, providing four additional years to take advantage of the tax credit.
The bill was sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart (D).
Mimi Stewart
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Voting Record for New Mexico Senate Bill SB391

The final vote, 37-5 in favor of the extension, pushes the bill forward to the House to await passage by the House Ways and Means Committee as HB70.
So, who voted against extending incentives for solar energy systems in New Mexico? The following Senators voted “NO” on SB391:
Craig Brandt
Senator Craig Brandt (R)
District: 40
County: Sandoval
Senator Since: 2013
Occupation: Clergy
Capitol Phone: 986-4267
Capitol Room #: 416F
Email: craig.brandt@nmlegis.gov
Lee Cotter
Senator Lee Cotter (R)
District: 36
County: Doña Ana
Senator Since: 2013
Occupation: Real Estate Investor
Capitol Phone: 986-4377
Capitol Room #: 416C
Office Phone: (575) 525-3200
Mark Moores
Senator Mark Moores (R)
District: 21
County: Bernalillo
Senator Since: 2013
Capitol Phone: 986-4859
Capitol Room #: 416D
Home Phone: (505) 681-1975
Email: mark.moores@nmlegis.gov
[Senator Moores is a sponsor of SB347 to provide tax incentives for natural gas vehicles]
Cliff Pirtle
Senator Cliff Pirtle (R)
District: 32
County: Chaves, Eddy & Otero
Senator Since: 2013
Occupation: Farmer
Capitol Phone: 986-4862
Capitol Room #: 416E
Email: cliff.pirtle@nmlegis.gov

William Sharer
Senator William Sharer (R)
District: 1
County: San Juan
Senator Since: 2001
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Capitol Phone: 986-4381
Capitol Room #: 415H
Email: bill@williamsharer.com
[Senator Sharer is also a sponsor of SB335 to name Oil & Gas as the official state resource]


[su_spacer]What’s Next for New Mexico Senate Bill SB391?

The bill has now gone to the House of Representatives as HB70 and is sponsored by Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D). The Fiscal Impact Report can be read HERE. Check back for updates, like us on Facebook to stay informed on everything solar in New Mexico, and get involved by writing to your local representatives to let them know you stand for renewable energy.

UPDATE 2/5/2016

Support: Tax credits for rooftop solar in New Mexico
These bills, one sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Mimi Stewart (SB13) and one in the House (HB26) sponsored by Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes, would extend the 10% state tax credit for residential, agricultural and small-business solar installations. The current credit expires Dec. 31, 2016. This legislation passed the Legislature last year, but Gov. Martinez pocket-vetoed it. These bills are currently stalled in both chambers while lawmakers struggle to agree on a budget. 
HB175 and SB104 re-up the soon-to-die tax credit for generating renewable energy at a utility scale. Like the rooftop solar tax credit, the production tax credit has a diminishing credit over time. These bills have a good chance to pass if we show strong public support, and the governor has indicated an increased willingness to sign them into law — probably in part because of the hundreds of calls you made to her office last year both before and after she failed to sign off on an extension. 


New Mexico Senate Bill SB391 was NOT passed in the special legislative session. As it stands, the New Mexico Renewable Energy State Tax Credit is set to expire December 31, 2016. There is still a possibility to incorporate a renewable energy tax incentive into the tax incentive bill (which DID pass in the legislative session). The outcome is still on the fence.

UPDATE 4/11/2015:

New Mexico Senate Bill SB391 was pocket vetoed by Governor Susana Martinez as she failed to take any action on the bill which would have extended the life of the New Mexico State tax credit from December 2016, when it is set to expire, to December 2024.

UPDATE 3/28/2015:

New Mexico Senate Bill SB391 is in it’s final stages. The last step to securing this crucial legislation for the solar industry is having Governor Martinez sign it into law.
We need you to help show your support and let Governor Martinez know that you stand for solar in New Mexico. Please call the Governor’s office today, 505-476-2200. Ask for Keith Gardner or his assistant, and tell them that you support SB 391: Extend Solar Market Development Tax Credit.
Thank you for helping us secure the future of the solar industry in New Mexico!

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