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How Much Does Solar Cost?

Osceola Energy gets asked this question on a daily basis when we are out at events teaching people about the benefits and savings of Solar Energy in New Mexico. The long answer to this question is that “a solar energy system is a very customized product, based on various factors, and requires a simple energy analysis of the property,” (which we offer for free). The short answer is “it depends.” So lets look at the various factors that can and can’t answer the question, “How much does solar cost?”

Building Size

The question of cost is generally followed by a statement  “my home (or business) is X square feet.” While square footage does play a role in engineering the size of your solar energy system (how many panels will fit), it is NOT a good determining factor of energy needs; Your 1200 sq. foot home and your neighbors 1200 sq. ft home may have wildly different electricity consumption based on factors we will discuss next.

Energy Habits, Appliances, and Electronics

house vs house
Energy efficient habits and appliance types are a larger factor in determining how much your solar system will cost. Do you turn off the lights when you leave the room and do you use energy efficient lighting? Do you tend to keep your computer, television, or other electronics on all the time? Is your stove, water heater, and clothes dryer gas or electric? How many people are using electricity in the building? All of these things play a role in the amount of electricity your home or business requires and, therefor, your solar systems size.

Roofing Type / Mounting Location

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4079,4077,4080,4076″ limit=”100″ target=”blank” width=”150″ height=”170″ title=”never”] The type of roof your building has and location of your solar array plays a role in how much your solar energy system will cost. For example, the racking systems for flat roofing tends to be less expensive than for a pitched roof with clay tiles, due to the equipment needed to safely and efficiently mount a solar array on a clay tile pitched roof. Those who do not have enough roof space or have an inadequate location for a rooftop solar system may opt for a ground-mounted solar system; because this requires more foundation and structural equipment, it can potentially add cost to the system as well.

Solar Equipment Preference

Osceola Energy spends a lot of time finding products for our customers that offer the most bang for their buck– balancing quality, efficiency, and price. We also understand that you may have a preference for a type of product or brand based on your own research and we are always willing to accommodate this. Panel types such as monocrystalline vs polycrystalline, brands (lets face it, sometimes you pay more for a certain brand name), and converter types can influence the cost of equipment for your solar energy system.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

utility bill
The best way to determine how much your solar energy system will cost (and how much money you will save with solar) is by referencing your electricity bills. Your utility bill or online account will generally provide you with a 12 month usage history. By viewing your electricity usage on a 12-month average, you can get a clear picture of what your energy consumption is, and therefore, determine what size solar system you will need. From that point, it is a matter of pricing the cost per kWh (kilowatt hour) you will be producing. All other factors discussed above will effect the final cost per kWh, but it is the industry standard for determining ‘how much does solar cost?’ While most companies do not list the price of their solar systems, we choose to show our prices (as a baseline) to help customers. But remember, there are many ways to save money on electricity by going solar in New Mexico. We offer $0 financing as well as leasing options that require less out of pocket cost.[su_spacer]
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