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Want to know if your home is a good fit for roof top solar panels?

These few simple guidelines will help you identify your homes roof top solar panels potential.

The amount of energy generated from roof top solar panels depends on the size of the system, which is limited only by your available roof space and your budget. The more direct sunlight your solar panels receive, the more power they can produce. A high quality installation location means that your solar panels can more efficiently generate power. This means more electricity savings for you. Several factors are considered to ensure you get the most out of your roof top solar panels:

Which way does your roof face?

Does your roof face north, south, east, or west? South facing roofs are ideal for solar in the northern hemisphere (New Mexico), since they will ensure maximum sun exposure all year—although you could still be a good candidate for solar even if your roof isn’t oriented to the south. With today’s improved panels, a roof facing east, southeast, southwest or west also works!

How much shade is there on your roof?

Do any trees, adjacent homes, or other obstacles block sun exposure on your roof that would effect the panels? Excessive shading will compromise your system’s performance, but sometimes this issue can be resolved by trimming trees or considering a ground mount system instead of roof top solar panels.

Obstructions, surface area, and angles.

How much usable roof space do you have? Is your roof angular or does it have a lot of dormers? The more clear space the better, but we can work around your vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights. If your roof is sloped keep in mind that for panels to be self-cleaning (from rain), they should be at a minimum of 15 degrees. Flat roofs are fine. We are able to choose the most efficient azimuth for the roof top solar panels, and an angle that will produce more power.

How old is your roof?

Solar panel systems can last for 25-40 years so you’ll want to make sure that your roof is in good shape and won’t need to be replaced in the near-term. However, most roof top solar panels can easily be removed for a minimal cost to allow re-roofing.

What is your roof made of?

Solar panels are compatible with most roofing materials including composite shingle, tile, tar and gravel, TPO/Vinyl, or metal. Slate and clay tile roofs can be prone to breakage so make sure that you have an experienced installer if your roof is made of these materials.
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Let us qualify your roof top for you with a free analysis!

Osceola Energy takes great pride in giving our customers a leading-class experience from our free solar consultation to turning on their system and helping prepare for tax credit filing. Contact our Albuquerque solar panel installation experts today to find out if your home is a good fit for roof top solar panels.

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