30% Federal Tax Credit Ends In:

Why Solar? 

Not only is switching to solar a sustainable solution to the growing rise in energy costs, but it’s also backed by State and Federal Incentives.

Solar energy is a renewable resource, environmentally friendly, and widely available resource. It can reduce electricity costs, and there are no moving parts. Since there are not moving parts it requires little maintenance. On top of all theses benefits finical support is also offered from the government.

Free Solar Evaluation

With our assessment you can find out if solar is right for you.

At OE Solar we have been helping families and business throughout New Mexico save by switching to solar. We simplify the process and we are with you every step of the way. Our Solar Home Evaluator assessment will determine if you are a right fit for Solar in less than eight easy questions.

Take Our Solar Home Evaluation

Take our quick solar evaluation to find out if you are a right fit for solar.

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