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Top Reasons to Celebrate Earth Day in New Mexico

[su_spacer][/su_spacer]New Mexico is a beautiful state full of rich culture, diverse landscapes, and and abundance of natural resources. With all of these wonderful gifts from mother nature, it’s time we celebrate Earth Day in New Mexico and give back to the environment. The following is a list of the top  reasons to celebrate Earth Day in New Mexico – April 22nd, 2015. We have a lot to be thankful for.

[su_dropcap]1[/su_dropcap] New Mexico Could be the “Saudi Arabia of Solar Energy”

Solar in New Mexico just works better. With over 300+ days of sunshine, New Mexico is a prime solar energy production state. Our higher altitude, about 7,000 feet above sea level, allows the cells in the solar panels to stay cooler, allowing them to produce more energy than at lower elevations.  Furthermore, New Mexico falls within one of the highest solar radiation zones in the United States;  This means that solar panels installed here will produce more energy per square foot than anywhere else.

[su_dropcap]2[/su_dropcap] New Mexico Has a Large Sustainability Community

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Sustainability is not about being a “hippie.” We all have a responsibility to leave our planet intact for future generations to inherit. There are several organizations and programs available throughout the state of New Mexico that offer everything from educational classes on reducing energy consumption, solar PV installation in New Mexico courses, farm and gardening instructional, and college programs focused on sustainability studies.

[su_dropcap]3[/su_dropcap] New Mexico Cares About Water Conservation

Due to the recent drought, water conservation is a big concern in New Mexico. New Mexicans, however, know how to combat this. Many cities have implemented waterwise conservation regulations. In Albuquerque, the Water Utility Authority has created a “water by the numbers” campaign restricting the frequency and time of sprinkler use for lawn watering. Furthermore, residents can even get rebates for replacing their water-thirsty grass lawn with a beautiful xeriscaped lawn with native New Mexico Plants. These techniques helped to decrease water consumption to “the lowest levels in 30 years.”
Water-used-by-power-plantsBut our job isn’t over. Did you know that Thermoelectric-power withdrawals accounted for 49 percent of total water use? That means that half of the water we use is never even seen by consumers but, rather, is used in the production of electricity for our homes! Why? Because most electricity sources require water in the energy plants cooling process. This is one more reason to look into renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in New Mexico,  both require almost no water… other than the occasional rinse down.

 [su_dropcap]4[/su_dropcap] New Mexico Has the Most Beautiful Sunsets

Not much to be said here. New Mexico sunsents are some of the most beautiful, breathtaking scenes you will ever see. Whether its the purple mountains boldly standing as a backdrop, or the golden skyline blissfully dancing with the waning clouds, it just cant be beat. Thank you earth!

[su_dropcap]5[/su_dropcap]Earth Day Participation!

While Earth Day is, technically, only one day, it is important that we remember what the meaning behind the movement is about; improving and maintaining the planet we live on.There are plenty of events and ways to get involved in this years Earth Day, April 22nd. Whether you attend a public event, volunteer to help clean up litter or plant trees, or simply do an annual energy audit around your home, it is a time to reflect on ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. As once heard from a Boy Scout troop leader, “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.”
Happy Earth Day…Month…Year Everyone!
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