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Solar panels are a great way to lower your electricity bill by supplementing the energy you buy from the local power company. But choosing and installing solar panels can be an overwhelming task. There are several solar panel brands to choose from and picking the best solar panels for your home is important. Things to consider are the solar panels warranties & efficiency, the longevity of the manufacturer and “bankability” or health of the manufacturer (warranties are worthless if the manufacturer goes out of business.)
How much you save by using solar panels depends on how much electricity costs in your area (the utility rate), how much sun you get (New Mexico is great for solar energy), and how much of that solar energy can be converted and used.
If you are ready to start your energy independence, however, it pays to get the right kind of panels. Here are the top 3 best solar panels that we install:

#1 Best Solar Panels – Panasonic HIT

panasonic HIT best solar panels
Panasonic is a name synonymous with quality electronics. Since 1975, first under the brand SANYO and since 2012 under the brand Panasonic, they have been a pioneer of the photovoltaic technology as well.
State-of- the-Art Heterojunction Technology
panasonic solar cell structure
Panasonic Solar unique cell structure uses ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. These thin dual layers reduce carrier loss, resulting in higher energy output than conventional panels.
Original Pyramid Structure
Panasonic Solar Light Capturing
The rough surface of conventional panels reflects sunlight out of the cell.  This unique pyramid structure captures sunlight more efficiently by reducing reflection and directing light inside the cells. The additional sunlight absorption generates more electricity output for your home.
High-efficiency at High Temperatures
Panasonic Solar efficiency
As temperatures increase, solar panels often sputter and go weak.  Thanks to Panasonic’s unique cell structure, Panasonic HIT® continues to perform at high levels throughout the year.
Advanced Bifacial Cell Designed for Increased Energy Output
The ingenious bifacial cell generates energy from both sides, effectively capturing both short wavelength and long wavelength light entering the panel. Typically, more diffuse, or longer wavelength light – like early morning or late day light – would contribute very little to the overall energy production of the panel due to the angle of the light waves.  With Panasonic panels, more light is captured and converted into energy.
Unique Water Drainage
Panasonic Solar Panel Cleaning
The water drainage system prevents rain water accumulation and eliminates water stains from the panel surface.
The Highest Testing Standards 
Panasonic Solar Panels
Merely good is not good enough for us, or for you. Rigid performance testing under all conditions helps us guarantee you decades of safe, efficient operation. That’s why Panasonic demands their testing criteria be more stringent than “acceptable” industry standards. In fact, their testing protocol demands that they perform 20 additional tests beyond those mandated by current standards.
Panasonic HIT offers an above-industry standard 15-year product warranty and 25 year production warranty.
Panasonic HIT solar panels truly are the best solar panels for your home. While they cost more to install than other panels on our list, they have some of the highest efficiency on the market (currently holding the world record module efficiency with 23.8%), fantastic warranties, and still cost significantly less than Sunpower panels.

#2 Best Solar Panels – SolarWorld

As the largest and most experienced solar manufacturer in the USA, SolarWorld’s solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. The mono-and polycrystalline products from SolarWorld come in variety of sizes, making them suitable for all applications – from solar packages for homes to a large-scale facility.
SolarWorld panels come with an industry standard 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear output warranty.
SolarWorld panels are one of the best deals in the industry. Competitive price points, high efficiency, beautiful design options, and high wattage output all made in the United States.

#3 Best Solar Panels – Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar
Canadian Solar operates three state-of-the-art PV research centers for cells, modules and systems in Canada and China. Combined more than 400 scientists, engineers and technicians conduct research to continuously improve our solar cell and solar module technologies. With R&D investments of over 600 million USD, 217 global patents and strategic R&D partnerships with NREL, ECN and DuPont, Canadian Solar is a globally recognized innovator of the solar industry.
Canadian Solar panels come with an industry standard 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear output warranty.
Canadian Solar panels are the least expensive on our list. With lower wattage and efficiency levels, these panels are a great option when there is plenty of room to install and cost is of the top priority.
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