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We love being able to work with other local organizations that are striving to make our state the best it can be. Albuquerque Urban Homestead focuses on growing produce in the city and eating local. It’s even better when these organizations choose to work with us in their personal lives.
An excerpt from the Post:
“Many of the projects that I undertake require a little thought but are nonetheless very easy to initiate. Trying a new kind of broccoli, or even a new apple tree, is as simple as remembering to order the seed or plant at the right time, taking care of it, and waiting patiently.
One of the biggest and most worthwhile projects that I have undertaken required a lot more forethought, and Lord knows it required a lot more money, but it created a whole new dimension to my little urban homestead. The decision to take our house solar was one that my husband and I talked about and read about for a long time before we committed. It was going to be very expensive, because due to some quirks of its construction and siting our house uses a lot of power in the summer. It was going to be difficult to plan, because I did not want solar panels put on our older roof and wasn’t prepared to sacrifice any yard space to the panels. But I wasn’t prepared to give up the idea of going solar either. After studying many aspects of the question, I sincerely believe that solar energy is a big part of the future and will help us live on our beautiful planet in a healthier way.”
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