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Union County Solar Solutions

Calyton, Union County,
Union County Solar Install

Unmatched Pricing & Financing

Solar energy incentives in 2020 are record high and most of our Clayton area customers are using their monthly energy savings to pay for their solar install! Not only do we make sure you’re getting the best financing we’ll also make sure you receive all of the state and federal incentives, rebates, and tax breaks your project qualifies for. We offer competitive pricing and staff a full-time grant writing team to ensure Union County homeowners are getting the best deal.

Union County Solar Install

Locally Owned, Nationally Recognized

Our local knowledge of the heartland and long-established business relationships means your projects are done in an efficient and timely manner. Our team of award-winning project designers and installers has worked in New Mexico for over a decade. This means you benefit from in-depth knowledge of both the Union County area and the most up to date national solar industry standards.

Union County Solar Install

We Won’t Leave You On Hold

When you do business with OE Solar that means you get a real person on the phone. We won’t leave you on hold for days or weeks at a time waiting for support to come to your area. Our solar energy electricians are specialized to help you when you need it most regardless of how rural your location. We will stand by our work long after your solar install and we are always one simple phone call away. (505) 850-8863

Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

Our Solar Installation Process

  • 01
    Our team will conduct a preliminary analysis where we will go over the design, project timeline, and financing options.
  • 02
    Following our preliminary analysis our solar installation team will then construct your customized solar system.
  • 03
    After installation you are now ready to start generating your own electricity, we also offer regular maintenance services for your system.
Union County Solar Install

$0 Down & Low Payments

Solar Independence is More Affordable Than Ever

Let Your Savings Pay For The Install

Your savings are our bread and butter and your family’s energy independence is more affordable than ever. Our dedicated finance and incentives staff work around the clock to make sure you get every tax credit, rebate, and discount offer that your project is entitled to. We make it easy to finance your solar installation so we can get your PV array up and running quickly.

Often times our customer’s monthly solar loan payments are less than what they were being charged by their electricity provider. You now have a choice, pay them or yourself!

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Union County Solar Install

No Better Time Than Now

Up to $6,000 in New Mexico State Tax Credit

26% Solar Install Federal Tax Credit

No Gross Receipts (Sales) Tax

Going solar doesn’t increase your property tax!

The benefits of going solar are undeniable – you’ll save money while doing your part to help the environment. But not all solar companies are created equal. OE Solar, with our award-winning team, has the ability to work with unique homes and locations and with all types of clients, budgets and financing.

26% Federal Tax Credit Ends In:

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Union County Solar Install

Your Energy In Your Hands,

Where It Should Be. 

Monitor your system output anytime, anywhere.

Solar Data On Demand

Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

Customer Portal

OE Solar customers have more access and understanding of their PV array build than ever thanks to our cutting edge Customer Portal technology. From day one you will be granted your own website to see progress, access photos, and get real-time day to day logs from our team. You’ll be able to communicate with your solar installers with ease.

Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

Anywhere Monitoring

Our clients love their PV system monitoring and for good reason. It’s part of the package! You have full control over your data and can asses output, usage, and more from a simple to use dashboard. Keep it on your family computer or get it on your smartphone for info on the go It’s so easy to use your kids could do it!

Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

The New Standard in Energy Independence 

Battery BackUp for 24/7 Solar Power

Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

Electricity Security Your Family Deserves

Battery backup is a new standard in true energy independence. Store your solar and take your energy savings with you into dark hours and cloudy days.

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Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

Generac PWRcell Backup

OE Solar works with the Generac Clean Energy Solutions group to combine their reliable emergency backup power technology with our efficient and beautifully designed solar PV systems.

When you need complete energy independence and want to keep your energy flowing year round no matter what, get our quality solar install with reliable, American made Generac battery backup. PWRcell solar backup integrates seamlessly with any Generac brand generators you already own.

Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

A brand we trust.

Establishing energy independence for your family is much more affordable than it used to be and it’s never been more necessary. More and more people across New Mexico are falling victim to unprecedented outages due to everything from extreme weather to our aging grid infrastructure. Put the sun to work while you wind down at the end of your day. 24/7/365 Back up batteries are key in energy independence.

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Solar As Easy As 1,2,3

We’ll Put the Sun To Work For You

Schedule Your Consultation


We are experts in commercial and residential New Mexico solar services.
Going solar in New Mexico means providing clean, efficient and cost effective power to your home or business.
The professional team at OE Solar will create a beautiful turnkey solar system for you,
taking care of every step throughout the process: planning, permitting, installing and maintaining your system.


Maximize your solar system with OE Solar’s panel cleaning system.
Cleaning your solar system can increase solar production by as much as 20%.
Contact us today to get started and maximize your solar power output.
We offer various service plans.


OE Solar can repair existing PV systems and provide scheduled maintain services.
OE Solar also offers solar panel maintenance agreements for your solar electric systems,
both on and off grid! A solar panel maintenance agreement is a great way to have
your system looked over once a year to prevent costly repairs.


Buying a new home with solar?
OE Solar can preform a new home solar inspection ensuring
efficient operation and compliant with local NEC and AHJ codes.
Don’t get flagged we will make sure you are safe.


OE Solar is a licensed, bonded and insured Albuquerque, New Mexico electrical contracting company.
We provide our customers with the highest quality Licensed Albuquerque Electrician
services possible within the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area- guaranteeing
a rapid response to every electrical repair or additional electric provisions.


Did you just buy a new Tesla?
Whether you’ve just purchased your new electric car or plan on getting one soon,
OE Solar & can help get your electric vehicle charging station installed and
soon you’ll be saying “goodbye gas station, hello home EV charging”.

OE Solar Residential, Commercial, and Government Solar EPC
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