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4 Smart Ways to Use Solar Energy in Your Home

With more people now than ever understanding the countless benefits of producing their own solar energy, the demand for solar power systems in the market has been on the rise for quite some time now. Regardless of whether you are looking to save thousands on your monthly electricity bill or feel inspired by the idea of going ‘Green’, solar energy generation has emerged as a singular most powerful technology that promises clean renewable energy in the present and a healthy and sustainable environment for the future. Here is a list of a few smart ways in which you can incorporate solar energy in your home.

Solar power for ventilation

Ventilation devices such as fans are some of the commonest and most basic electrical appliances by homeowners to serve the purpose of circulating air within the rooms and regulating moisture and bad odors around the house. There are several bath fans, floor fans, and ceiling fans that are operated for prolonged periods on daily basis and could benefit from solar power generated by your own PV system.

Solar Power for heat

Another major application of solar power can be found in colder climates where the primary concern of the homeowners is to keep the indoors warm. Also known as passive space heating, solar heating can be carried out in two ways. The first, more popular way is installing sun heated water tubes on your roof that can be pumped inside your water heaters. The other way to achieve the required heating for your home is by adding a sunroom or solar room on your roof and trapping the heat from the sun within.

Solar Power for charging batteries

You can utilize solar energy from your PV cells to charge up your hot water pumps, sump pumps, lighting, ceiling fans, electric vehicles and basically anything and everything that runs DC power. The idea is to store up the energy produced during the sun light hours and utilize it during nighttime operation of electrically powered devices and appliances.

Solar Power for cooking

Solar Energy has revolutionized the way your cook your everyday meals! You can install simple solar ovens that can be made as a DIY project on a weekend and cook your meals on one of those warm sunny days. All you need is a box, a cooking bag, some aluminum foil, thermometer, Styrofoam insulation and some duct tape and you are good to go!

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