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Wind Power New Mexico - Albuquerque Wind Systems | Osceola Energy

Wind Power

Thinking about wind power for your home or business?

We have extensive experience in installing Wind Turbines throughout New Mexico

Is Wind Energy Right for You?

A location assessment must be conducted before the integration of wind power; the location of your home or business is key to determining if a wind turbine is the right fit and will function optimally.

A quick list of things to consider before deciding on wind power:

Contact us today for a free site analysis to determine if a wind turbine is right for you.

Local Availability

When most people think of wind power, they think of 20 story wind turbines in Texas or Hawaii. Today, there are many different types of wind turbines that can be placed at residential or commercial locations; often referred to as 'small scale wind turbines'.

Advances in wind turbine technology have made it possible for homes and businesses of all sizes to benefit from wind power. There are many different wind turbines that vary in shape, KW generated, and price.

Small Wind Turbines

There are several types of small wind turbines in the market today varying in applications from marina boats to off-grid farming; some only produce a few watts of power and others a few kilowatts. Osceola Energy focuses on selling top quality wind turbines with top quality service for our customers. This is why we sell XZERES small wind turbines including the Skystream 3.6 small wind turbine.

The Skystream small win turbine has been installed in various terrain, with over 8,000 installations worldwide. It is made in the USA and offers a one of a kind 5 year warranty. You can always go online to Amazon and by a small Chinese made wind turbine but remember, you get what you pay for and this is extremely true with wind turbines.

Wind Turbines Can Power:

- Water Purification Systems

- Island Electrification Installations

- Telecommunication Systems

- Homes

- Schools

- Businesses