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Portable Solar Generator

Portable Solar Generator by Osceola Energy

portable solar generator for rent Albuquerque pictureOsceola Energy has created a custom solar generator that tracks the sun and produces clean quite energy. This portable generator is small and compact and can be towed on the back of any vehicle with a hitch. Osceola Energy can be found at community events with this solar generator offering clean quite electric energy for the vendors and for the community stage at the Albuquerque's Downtown Growers Market and Albuquerque Rail Yards Market

  • No Loud Noises
  • No Gas Needed
  • No Exhaust or Fumes
  • Very Reliable
  • The Sun is All You Need!

(dog not included)

Portable Solar Generator Compared to Gas

Solar Generator 5,000 Watts
42 amps @ 120V
21 amps @ 240V
No Gas!
Gas Generator 4,800 Watts
40 amps @ 120V
20 amps @ 240V
5.3 gallon tank

Rent This Portable Solar Generator For Your Next Event!

Great for Weddings, Festivals, Block Parties, Remote Work Sites, all other Outdoor Events.

Please call or email us to discuss options for your next event!
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