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Solar Loans & Solar Financing

Zero Down to Go Solar Today

Our energy consultants can help you get a low-interest solar loan that will decrease your monthly bills and lock in lower energy costs all while helping the environment! In most cases, we’ll even be able to tell you what you qualify for on your first consultation. A solar loan gives you the option to use your solar tax credits within the first 24 months of the loan to reduce your loan payments, or not at all. So don't rent the sun, own it!

  • $0 due upfront (optional) – Pay nothing on the solar loan upon installation and own your system from day one.
  • Save on electricity – You save over the life of the system by paying less for solar energy than you pay the utility company.
  • Let the sun pay off your loan – Use your savings to make low monthly payments on your loan, paying as you go, or pay off your solar loan early without penalty.
  • Lock in your rate – Instead of paying fluctuating and ever increasing electric bills, your low interest payment is the same every month, and when it’s paid off, you own your power!

Solar energy costs much less than you think, and with Osceola Energy, solar panels are easier to get than ever. Let us help you find the perfect solar power financing package, like a solar loan, so you can take advantage of lower electric bills right now.

How to get qualified for a solar loan

Free Solar Consultation:

Customers interested in learning more, or who would like to get approved for solar financing should contact our office at 505.850.8863 or contact us online to set up a free solar consultation. During this visit we can answer your questions, get you approved and lock in a low rate. Below is information on our three loan partners, Nusenda Credit Union, US Eagle Federal Credit Union and Dividend Solar.

Important Financing Information:

Financing is available on approved credit. Interest rate and payments are dependent on credit rating. Upon approval you will receive a loan for the agreed upon amount. This is not a payment plan through Osceola Energy - Solar & Electrical Contractors.

nusenda solar loan

Osceola Energy is proud to announce that we have partnered with Nusenda Credit Union, to provide Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and through out the state of New Mexico with special low-interest financing for their solar energy system. This is an exclusive offer for Osceola Energy customers.  Customers interested in this option should contact Osceola Energy directly to get approved for these solar energy system loans. Nusenda Credit Union is an equal opportunity lender.

US Eagle Solar Loans
U.S. Eagle is a local New Mexico bank that offers a 15 year solar loan with great interest rates and you in mind. U.S. Eagle offers an affordable and flexible way to add solar and value to your home. With no prepayment penalty U.S. Eagle and Osceola Energy make it easy to go solar.

solar loan -Dividend-Solar

The Dividend Solar EmpowerLoan maximizes the financial benefits for Homeowners, simplifies the application process, and ensures performance guarantees for every solar PV system financed.

The Dividend Solar EmpowerLoan combines the benefits of a lease – no down payment, energy cost savings, hassle-free maintenance and performance guarantees – with the financial upside from solar ownership. To simplify the application process, they have built a fully-automated online platform with no required paperwork.