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Craftsmanship, means quality for Residential Solar Installers
Osceola Energy is your trusted choice for your residential solar installation. We offer comprehensive financing and installation knowledge to help you make the important decision to go solar. We offer a complete solution from consultation to activation.
What sets us apart is our commitment to quality. From our quality products, quality workmanship and quality customer service, we are your premier residential solar installers.
Quality products + knowledgeable electricians = Quality Residential Solar Installers
- 15 Year Craftsmanship Warranty
- 25-30 Year Panel Production Warranty
- 10-25 Year Product Warranties

Residential Solar Installers NM

$0 Down Financing

Years of savings with solar can start with no up front costs. Your residential solar installer has the options you are looking for to go solar with nothing out of pocket. Our partners get you low payments, lower than your current electric bill. We have financing options perfect for every budget.
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Residential Solar Installers NM

Solar Financing Options

Residential Solar Installers - There for you Every Step of the Way

Custom Project Website

Osceola Energy focuses on offering a personalized experience that includes your own solar website to track the progress of your residential solar install. This allows you to view the contract, pictures, engineer drawings, owner’s manuals and schedule.

From pre to post construction Osceola Energy your Residential Solar Installer, is there for you every step of the way!

Customer Stories

“We chose Osceola over two other companies that do similar installation based upon their competitive price and presentation.”

Residential Solar Installers NM

Solar on Demand

Osceola Energy Solar makes it easy to track your residential solar systems energy production and your savings no matter where you are with cloud based monitoring systems. These come standard with any turn-key residential Solar installation system you purchase.

Osceola Energy is also the only installer that stays with you after the install, with complete tracking and monitoring of your system over the next 15 years of your warranty period.


PNM Opens REC Credits!

Start saving even more when you go solar in PNM service area. From January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017 PNM will pay you for ever kW hour you produce with your residential solar install for 8 year! The only catch is that you have to sign up this year. Another great reason to contact us today to go solar!
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