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Industrial Electrician

Albuquerque Industrial Electrician

Osceola Energy got it's start working on large industrial gas wells and drill rigs. We have used this experience to continuously improve our industrial electrician services. We work with you to achieve scheduled milestones on design/build or bid/build projects, electrical installations, repairs or electrical maintenance.

Industrial Electrician Services

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  • Transfer Replacement/ Install
  • Transformer Replacement/ Install
  • High Voltage Wiring
  • Service Upgrades
  • Switch-gear Installation
  • New Construction
  • Control Wiring
  • Emergency Systems


  • Motor Controls
  • Primary & Secondary Distributions
  • Hazardous Wiring
  • Explosion Proof Wiring
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Security Systems


  • MSHA Testing
  • Ground Testing
  • Continuity Testing
  • Code Corrections
  • Signs
  • Solar UPS Systems
  • Communication Wiring


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Your Seamless Project

We strive to keep our industrial clients up and running during maintenance and repairs of large or small industrial electrical projects by maximizing productivity and minimizing impact. Our industrial electrician services department continually looks to stay on top of technological and industrial advancements so our clients can stay ahead of the competition.

All Work Guaranteed

No matter the scale of your industrial electrical project, Osceola Energy can build a safe and energy efficient system that maximizes production and grows with your industry. You can be assured that experienced licensed electricians will complete your electrical project to Federal NEC code. As always, all of our work is guaranteed! Don't hesitate to contact us!

New Mexico MSHA Earth Ground Resistance Testing

If you run or operate an industrial plant, you understand that MSHA inspectors require resistance ground tests to all electrical ground systems in order to keep your plant running safely. As an experienced Industrial Electrician, Osceola Energy can perform these earth ground resistance tests as well as all of your continuity testing. MSHA Earth Ground Resistance Testing requires these resistance to ground tests of a single-made electrode to be 25 ohms or less. We’ll test your electrode systems for inspections or any other time to ensure you meet these requirement and avoid fines. If your systems don't pass these tests, Osceola Energy will implement updates to your system until the test results are within tolerance for MSHA inspectors. Our qualified testing professionals also handle all paper work that is needed to send to MSHA or any other inspector or in house supervisors. Osceola Energy has experience testing continuity and earth grounds for Rock Quarries, CO2 plants and Oil Rigs.

You can trust that your system will be tested accurately to insure your employees’ safety. Contact Osceola Energy for industrial electrician services.