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Government Solar for ABQ & New Mexico - Osceola Energy

Government Solar NM

Government Solar
We Understand Government Solar

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At Osceola Energy, our expertise goes beyond installing solar PV systems. We offer a comprehensive solution for government solar, offering bonds - including Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (“QECBs”) & New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (“New CREBs”) - as well as other financing options for federal, state, and municipalities. Osceola Energy will ensure your results are complete from concept to commissioning without having to acquire funds yourself. With our white glove service, all you have to focus on is how utilize the savings from moving to solar.


  • Predictable Energy Costs
  • Lower energy costs than you currently pay
  • No up front costs with intimidate savings



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commercial solar design


  • Advanced Engineering
  • Solar Modeling
  • Analysis 
  • Financing 




commercial solar PV


  • Material Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Life Cycle Costs




commercial solar operation and maintenance


  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Client Training:
  • Close Out Materials
  • Arial Footage



Financing Options

We bring financing options to our non-profit and government clients so it's easy to go solar. Most of the financing options we offer have no up-front Capital Cost and include all engineering, permitting, installation, procurement and commissioning costs.

Government Bonds

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) may be issued by state, local and tribal governments to finance qualified energy conservation projects. A minimum of 70% of a state’s allocation must be used for governmental purposes, and the remainder may be used to finance private activity projects.

  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (“QECBs”)
  • New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (“New CREBs”)
Government Solar PPA

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) delivers immediate energy savings for your company with no money down.

  • Immediate Savings
  • Long-term, stable energy prices, lower than you currently paying
  • EMNRD Approved PPA document sets
Government Solar Lease

A solar lease delivers a low interest rate loan for government entities, non-profits and educational facilities.

  • Tax Exempt
  • Ownership of system
  • Multiple Lessors

Predictable energy costs

Saving Tax Payers Millions
You can generate clean solar power at a lower cost while protecting from rising energy costs for 20 years, saving money that can be allocated to new projects paying off debt or whatever your community is looking to accomplish.
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Government Solar
Government Solar

Reliability - Emergency back Up Power

Osceola Energy can also provide options that help governments ensure critical systems stay online during emergencies. Incorporating the latest battery technology into your Solar PV system can allow you to have power for your critical circuits even if the gird goes down. With our monitoring systems can track demand charges to reduce your loads during higher rate times based on your utility rate schedule.
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