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Energy Efficient Products

We Can Install Energy Efficient Products

Osceola Energy uses a wide range of energy efficient products we can seamlessly integrate into your home or business, reducing your energy costs to save you money.

Occupancy Sensor For LightingLED Retrofit LightingDaylighting Control Sensors
Installing occupancy sensors can drastically reduce your electricity usage and create a safer environment at the same time. Using an infrared sensor, these controllers recognize when a room is in use and automatically turn the lights upon entering. When the room is no longer in use, the lights automatically turn themselves off; No more accidentally leaving the lights on.

Decorator Style Wall Switch Sensorenergy efficient product sensor switch wall

360 Degree Ceiling Mounted Lighting Sensorenergy efficient product ceiling sensor

Osceola Energy can replace your overhead fluorescent lighting with beautiful and energy efficient LED lighting. Saving you money and time; LED lighting requires less maintenance than traditional fluorescent lighting.LED retrofit
Daylighting controls allow you to keep the room at a constant brightness level by sensing the combination of indoor and outdoor lighting. Sometimes the natural sunlight just isn't enough, but you don't need the light to be at full capacity. Daylighting control sensors bridge that gap by dimming to the necessary output.daylighting controls sensor