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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency means using less energy than previously used while still providing the same level of energy service. Businesses that embrace energy efficient methods reduce their total demand, therefore saving money. Who doesn't want to save some money?

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An energy assessment provides a baseline which can measure progress towards achieving energy efficient goals. Our specially designed energy assessment that we conduct provides an energy-efficiency program that is unique to your building and budget.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

Benefits of LED LightsEnergy Efficiency RecommendationsDid You Know?
  • LED lighting systems operate at the fraction of the cost (up to 1/30) of a standard bulb
  • LED lighting systems are substantially less costly to operate
  • Manufacturers claim new LED bulbs last up to 25 years under normal household use (But not proven)
  • LED bulbs provide more light per watt of energy
  • LED lighting works in both interior and exterior applications
  • Turn off lights and equipment when not in use
  • Install programmable setback thermostats
  • Purchase Energy Star rated equipment and devices
  • Install LED’s, Compact fluorescent bulbs, or High performance T8 lamps and ballasts
  • For larger applications install pulse start metal halide systems
  • Use automated lighting control devices such as Daylight controls, Occupational sensors and timers.
  • Have a Licensed Electrician balance your electrical load - ( Typically cuts 3%-5% of load)
  • Check major equipment to ensure it is operating properly
  • Monitor monthly energy bills
  • Add ceiling fans
  • Unplug equipment and appliances when not in use

Thorough & Convenient

Our licensed electricians will look at all aspects of your business, including lighting, equipment usage, electrical services, load balancing and wiring to develop a comprehensive plan. We work with your schedule, most times after hours, so we don’t disrupt your working environment.

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Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting is a critical component of every business. Employees must be able to see to perform their jobs, and areas must be well lit to improve guest experiences and encourage sales. Depending on your type of business, lighting accounts for 20% to 50% of electricity consumption (per the Small Business Administration).

Energy-efficient lighting is a smart choice for business owners looking for ways to reduce overhead costs as lighting usually provides the highest return-on-investment of major upgrades. Lighting upgrades are the simplest way to start making a work space more energy efficient. Most energy efficient lighting can pay back your investment costs through energy savings in as little as two years.

Osceola Energy is a participating Contractor in the PNM Trade Ally Program for Commercial Properties

Our Albuquerque electricians are participating contractors in the PNM Trade Ally Quick Saver program. This program allows allows Osceola Energy to maximize your benefit for energy efficiency construction and retrofitting by saving your business money on overhead costs and getting rebates to help pay for the project.

Learn more about the PNM Quick Saver Program.