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Osceola Energy understands how important Albuquerque commercial electrician work is to keep systems operational.  We always follow industry best practices and Federal NEC codes while offering superior customer service and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader, providing professional and affordable commercial electrician work, that will keep you and your assets safe and protected. Our Albuquerque commercial electrical services are trusted by individuals and companies throughout New Mexico. Contact us today about our commercial electrician services; We do emergency service calls.





We Provide Albuquerque Commercial Electrician Services


  • Transfer Panels
  • High Voltage Wiring
  • Service Upgrades
  • Switchgear Installation
  • New Construction
  • Warehouse Wiring/ Repairs
  • Transformers Installation
  • Wiring
  • Security Systems
  • Emergency Systems



  • Landscape Lighting/ LED Lighting
  • Hazardous Wiring
  • Explosion Proof Wiring
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Wind Electric
  • Design Build
  • Remodel and retrofit
  • Code corrections
  • Signs



  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Lighting Design and Retrofits
  • Office Renovations
  • Parking Lot Lighting & Bulb Replacements
  • Remodels & Additions
  • Restaurants
  • Security Lighting
  • Service Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Energy Efficiency for your Business

energy efficiency

Osceola Energy has experienced Albuquerque commercial electricians that are ready to manage all your commercial building needs. Our goal is to keep you running at maximum productivity while making your commercial electrical system as efficient as possible - less downtime, more bottom line.  Regardless the scale of your commercial electrical project, Osceola Energy’s can build a safe and energy efficient system that maximizes production and fits your companies growing needs.

Check out some of our commercial energy efficient upgrades to learn more about what we can do to help your business save money on electric bills, then contact us today for a free quote! No strings attached, no commitment required!

High Voltage and Hazardous Wiring

High voltage and hazardous wiring are just the kinds of jobs that Osceola Energy electrical crews love to take on. If not properly handled, electrical power poses a threat to individual lives and property making it a costly oversight; It can deliver a lethal jolt to a human body, or burn a business to the ground. This is why it is so important to have professionals like Osceola Energy install and maintain your hazardous and high-voltage systems. Any installation of devices within a hazardous area as defined in the NEC code MUST BE in accordance with that device's control drawing and local ordinances.  Contact Osceola Energy today for a free quote and let our experienced and licensed electricians handle your hazardous electrical systems.

Low Voltage Electrician - Lutron Panel

emergency electrical repair work picture
Do you have complex wiring system in your office or warehouse that no one seems to understand?
Osceola Energy can help. We have extensive experience with Lutron dimmer panels that control all types of automated systems. We can install, maintain, or upgrade these low voltage electrical systems. Apple is just one of our satisfied customers. To see more of the work we performed at the Albuquerque Apple Store visit our projects page.

Call Osceola Energy today to have our experienced low voltage electricians handle your Lutron dimmer or lighting panel. 505-850-8863 Contact us today for a free quote!

Commercial Electricians that Install Solar

Do you pay taxes at the end of the year and have an electric bill?

If you answered yes to both of these questions then you need to call Osceola Energy for a free Solar Electric quote for you business. Osceola Energy can install a system for you regardless if you own the building or not. We offer all types of systems to best fit your individual needs.

Osceola Energy can help eliminate that electric bill with a solar electric system. And you get 30% in tax credits from the Federal government! So stop paying those taxes and get Your commercial electrician to install a clean, safe and incentive based electric system that is great for marketing and promoting your companies ideals. Learn all bout what a solar electric system can do for your business Albuquerque Commercial Solar Systems.

Call Osceola Energy today to have a free site analysis done of your commercial space:  505-850-8863

View Commercial Electrician Projects

Low Voltage Electrician Albuquerque Electrician
Osceola Energy has completed electrical projects for commercial properties such as Duke City BMX Park and the Department of Transportation. To view some of these commercial electrical projects as well as our solar, wind, residential and industrial projects that Osceola Energy has installed and repaired throughout New Mexico, click on the link below.