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SolarWorld Solar Panels

Quality in Production

The more sunlight your solar panels capture, the more sunlight they convert into clean, efficient energy. Only SolarWorld offers Light Capture Technology that captures as much as the sun’s rays as possible, and Energy Conversion Technology that ensures every ray of captured light becomes an electron of raw energy. SolarWorld solar panels are widely recognized as the industry standard in quality—testament to the stringent quality checks they perform during every second of the manufacturing process.

Research and Development

SolarWorld’s R&D team is comprised of some of the sharpest minds in solar. This is where solar research and development excellence—and their dreams for a new panel or technolog—begin.

Full Automation

SolarWorld's sophisticated, fully automated manufacturing process moves cells through our factory lines using state-of the-art vacuum handling systems. This means their solar cells remain pristine—and untouched by human hands until final inspection. This automation is crucial to apply the precise amount of pressure to the 2,016 soldering points in each module which cannot be replicated by hand.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Combined with SolarWorld's statistical process control, MES precisely determines a module’s power level to ensure that the power rating on the nameplate is the minimum amount of power the solar module will produce. In fact, our modules routinely outperform the nameplate rating.


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