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SunZia ‘makes America strong’

SunZia 'makes America strong' By U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich   In the wake of companies like Google, Sprint, and Caterpillar announcing layoffs in recent months, one would think it would be welcome news to learn of a company eager to invest $1.6 billion in New Mexico's economy, create tens of thousands of private sector jobs,…
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Residential Solar: Distributed Power

The Case for Distributed Power Generation: With the Environment New Mexico Research & Policy Center report, Shining Rewards: The Value of Rooftop Solar Power for Consumers and Society, coming on the heels of PNM’s proposal to charge home and business owners with solar systems a monthly fee, it is important to understand what distributed power…
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‘Green’ is a Lifestyle, Not a Label

Green Living. It's Not About a Label. When many people think about living 'green', they think about the products they use; are they organic, recyclable, "natural", etc? While this is a good start to a more sustainable planet, we need look no further than our lifestyles to find ways to live a greener life with…
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Earth Day in New Mexico

Top Reasons to Celebrate Earth Day in New Mexico [su_spacer][/su_spacer]New Mexico is a beautiful state full of rich culture, diverse landscapes, and and abundance of natural resources. With all of these wonderful gifts from mother nature, it's time we celebrate Earth Day in New Mexico and give back to the environment. The following is a…
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Energy Tax Credits 2014

Claim Your Energy Tax Credit For 2014 Get your new solar system installation process going before Oct. 31st! In order to claim the energy tax credits 2014, you need to get your Solar System in process now. The process of permitting, installation and other paperwork for a new Solar System can take a couple of…
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