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What is Hybrid Solar Lighting

What is Hybrid Solar Lighting (HSL)? Hybrid Solar Lighting systems are lighting systems that combine the usage of sunlight and artificial light to illuminate an area by sending sunlight through optic fiber cables. This is usually done to provide solar light to rooms without any skylight or windows and this light is supplemented with artificial…
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Solar Equipment

Solar Panels & Equipment Details Solar Panels & Equipment Details Osceola Energy offers the highest quality products for all of our solar energy systems. We sell wide variety of solar panels/ solar modules, solar inverters, solar racking and solar wire to fit every budget without compromising quality. Our product line includes Panasonic Solar HIT panels,…
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Albuquerque Urban Homestead

We love being able to work with other local organizations that are striving to make our state the best it can be. Albuquerque Urban Homestead focuses on growing produce in the city and eating local. It's even better when these organizations choose to work with us in their personal lives. An excerpt from the Post:…
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Real vs Fake Christmas Tree

Real vs Fake Christmas Tree For the environmentally conscious Every year when having family over for Christmas they give me a hard time for our choice to cut a real tree instead of investing in an artificial Christmas tree. It’s become the Great Christmas Debate - Which is better for the environment? A fake tree…
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Guide to Net Metering and Net Billing

Net Billing is not the same as Net Metering. Under ‘Net Metering’ the solar energy which a customer generates for themselves is metered (or measured), so that any excess electricity which is generated can be banked (think "rollover minutes") to the customer’s account for future consumption. 'Net Billing', on the other hand, allows solar customers to generate electricity…
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