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Affordable Solar Packages

Affordable Solar Energy Packages… priced with everyone in mind!

Our packages are priced for ROI’s at 5 – 8 years
Allowing for more than 20 years of FREE electricity!

If you don’t see a  solar package that fits your needs we can customize a PV solar system just for you.


1.8 kW/h Sage Package

Only $6,300

After Tax Credits $3,780

System produces 10.8 kWh a day*

System produces 324 kWh a month*


3.3 kW/h Turquoise Package

Only $11,550

After Tax Credits $6,930

System produces 19.8 kWh a day*

System produces 594 kWh a month*


5 kW/h Emerald Package

Only $17,500

After Tax Credits $10,500

System produces 30 kWh a day*

System produces 900 kWh a month*

All Packages Include:

Equipment & LaborPermittingWarrantiesTax Credits
PV solar modules
Electrical Wiring and Connectors
Disconnect & REC Meter
Optional Monitoring System
Interconnection with utility
15yr Craftsmanship Warranty
25yr Limited Panel Warranty
25yr Limited Inverter Warranty
No Gross Receipts Tax
10% State Tax Credit
30% Federal Tax Credit
Property tax will not increase

Quality Installation

Osceola Energy employees licensed, bonded and insured New Mexico electricians with more than 8,000 documented hours. This experience offers piece of mind and a comprehensive knowledge of your solar electrical system.
– Licensed Electricians
– Innovative Design
– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Zero Down Financing!

Get all the benefits of owning your own solar electric system but with no money down! Solar Financing terms as long as 20 years. With our competitive solar prices you will own your system in 6-8 years, allowing for 20 years of free electricity! Osceola Energy believes in energy independence, for everyone, and our prices reflect this.

Prices may vary based on the individual application and location. *Production is based on averages, individual results vary

How to choose which Solar Package is right for you?

Choosing the right Solar Electric Package
Now that you know what each solar electric system produces each day and month, you need to find your electric bill. If you want to zero out your electric bill, which gives you the best pay back, then look for the package that covers your daily or monthly kw usage.
Lets take the electric bill shown to the left – the average usage per day is 12.10 kWh (highlighted in yellow). If you look at the affordable solar packages above the 1.8 KWh Sage Package is too small only producing 10.8 kW hours a day. The 3.3 kWh Turquoise Package is too large, producing almost 7.7 more kW hours more than is needed a day.
If my budget allows I may want to purchase the 3.3kWh Turquoise Package and over produce electricity from my solar system and get money back each month from PNM. Or if I want to just Zero out my bill and pay nothing each month I would opt for a costume package that fits my individual needs. Call Osceola Energy today 505.850.8863 with any questions or to schedule your free solar analysis so we can size and design a solar electric system just for you!

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Saves You Even More! Due to our comprehensive electrical experience we look at more than just what size solar electric system will fit your needs, we offer energy audits and balancing of your electrical system to bring down your electric usage by 5% – 8%, saving you even more money. We also install LED lighting, automated electrical systems and just some helpful advice!
Learn more about Energy Efficient Upgrades
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