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Several studies have been conducted regarding the “value” of PV on homes. Most recently, a 2015 study from Berkeley Lab shows that homeowners across the country have been willing to pay a premium of about $15,000 for a home with an average-sized hosted solar array. ... while market factors like electricity rate and system price may impact the size and extent of the premium, solar homes can be expected to sell for more than homes without PV. - Info provided by

Why go Solar with Osceola Energy

Zero Down Financing!

Get all the benefits of owning your own solar electric system but with no money down! Solar Financing terms as long as 20 years. With our competitive solar prices you will own your system in 6-8 years, allowing for 20 years of free electricity! Osceola Energy believes in energy independence, for everyone, and our prices reflect this.

Solar Leasing

Osceola Energy solar offers a leasing option through Sunnova that will lock in your electric rates for 25 years. No money down you just pay the lease instead of paying your local utility. Benefits of Solar Leasing in New Mexico;

- $0 Money Down
- No Rate Hikes for 25 Years
- Lease is Transferable
- They cover the Maintenance

15 Year Warranty

Osceola Energy solar offers the best installation, workmanship and equipment warranties in New Mexico.
Tier one solar products + knowledgeable electricians = equipment & installation you can trust.

- 15 Year Craftsmanship Warranty
- 25 Year Solar Panel Production Warranty
- 10 Year Solar Panel Product Warranty
- 10 Year Inverter Warranty

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