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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Upgrades Albuquerque

- Benefits of LED Light Bulbs
- Energy Efficient Tips

There are many options for energy efficient upgrades in today's market. Osceola Energy can help you with products that make sense for your home, business or industrial space. The best time to look at energy efficient upgrades is during a repair, remodel, or a new construction project. Call Osceola Energy today - 505.850.8863

Save Money

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

- On Grid Solar Systems
- Off Grid Solar Systems
- Solar Installation & Repair
Commercial Solar
- Solar Financing with No Money Down!
- Solar Tax Credits
Osceola Energy will take the time to insure your solar power system will fit your needs and your budget. Realize the benefits of solar & no electric bills!
Solar Packages

Wind Power

Wind Power

- Wind power systems
- Skystream Wind Turbine Product
- The Process of Getting a Wind Turbine
- Facts About Wind Energy

Osceola Energy can help you realize the benefits of the Santa Anna Winds here is New Mexico! Our Small Wind Turbines are perfect for home installation as well as for your business. Free Quotes on all projects - Call Today 505.850.8863

More Wind Info

Osceola Energy Installs 1st Wind Turbine for a New Mexico High School!

Osceola Energy installed and interconnected a Xzeres Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine for the Clayton High School this Wednesday April 9th 2014!

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What does that Mean to You? - Osceola Energy sends licensed New Mexico electricians with more than 4,000 documented hours to your home or business. This experience offers piece of mind and a comprehensive knowledge of your total electrical system. Due to this comprehensive electrical experience we look at more than just what size solar electric system will fit your needs, we offer energy audits and balancing of your electrical system to bring down your electric usage by 5% - 8%, saving you even more money. Our solar electricians have a wide range of solar installation experience, so we are able to size a solar electric system that will best fit your needs and your budget.

1.8kW Sage Package

Affordable Solar Panel Packages

1.8 kilowatt an hour system for ONLY $6,900!


3.3kW Turquoise Package

Affordable Solar Panel Packages

3.3 kilowatt an hour system for ONLY $11,800!


5kW Emerald Package

Affordable Solar Panel Packages

5 kilowatt an hour system for ONLY $17,400!


Osceola Energy provides top-notch electrician services and repairs for conventional electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We also install, maintain and design new renewable energy systems such as solar and wind turbine systems.

Osceola Energy also offers Emergency Electrician Services for when electrical systems just stop working or aren't performing properly. Our technicians and electrician staff are always ready to help at a moment’s notice.

With our wide range of electrician services Osceola Energy can help! So be sure to keep our number handy, 505.850.8863

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